Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easy Rag Rug

I was looking for an easy project to do for my grandson's nursery and decided to try this rag rug.  I loved it since it is made from fabric and required no sewing. I decide to use flannel since it was soft, came in a wide variety of colors and the price was right. If you have children this is a great project they can help make.  The threading of the fabric is great fine motor practice for little ones.
1/2 yard of 6 different color 45"wide flannel for the "rags"
1 yd 45" wide flannel for base of rug
scissors or rotary cutter
*Rotary cutter makes its a whole lot easier


Cut the base fabric to the size rug you would like (mine was 30 x 40). Starting 1" from the edge of the base fabric cut small slits about 1/2" a part, spacing rows 3/4"  a part. I did not measure mine I just estimated the spacing. This rug is very forgiving so accuracy is not necessary. I cut all my slits at once but you can do this as you go if you prefer.

I cut the 1/2 yd. pieces of fabric into strips about 1" wide and 6" long.

Here is where the kids can help out.  Starting at one corner, thread a strip down through the first hole and back up through the second. Next, take a second strip and thread it through the second hole (the same hole you just pulled the first strip up through). It will share the same hole with the first strip. Then, pull it up through the third hole. Continue this for each row.  I worked on mine a couple hours each night while I watched TV and I was able to complete it in a week.

This rug is easy to maintain.  Just shake it if it gets flat.  Pull on strip if it becomes uneven.  Rethread strip if it falls out.  Place in a lingerie bag on delicate cycle to wash. 

I bought my fabric so I could get the color combination I wanted but using old, clothes, sheets, towels would be a great way to upcycle.  Some suggestions:
Use old high school T shirts to make a rug for college dorm
Use ragged towels to make a rug for the bathroom or kitchen
Use outgrown baby clothes to make a rug for childs room

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