Saturday, December 4, 2010

Post It Holder

I think it is wonderful when children can give homemade gifts to family, friends, teachers, coaches, etc..  This is the perfect gift for almost anyone.  It would be great to place by the phone or on your desk.  It is quick, simple and inexpensive.

Clear, acrylic 4 x 6 frame
Post It notepad, 2 x 2 - You can find decorative, theme notepads in the Dollar Spot at Target
Cardstock, paper, or photo cut to fit in frame

Create a piece of artwork.   Insert into the frame.  Stick notepad on to the leftside of the frame. It is that easy!!!  Include a pen and extra notepads to complete the gift.

Other ideas:
Little ones can fingerpaint a picture.
Use scrapbooking paper to make the insert.
Use sticker, ribbon or fabric to decorate insert.
Put a photo in the frame.
Make a different insert for each month of the year.

Thank you Blissfully Domestic for the idea.

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