Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snowman Footprint

When the weather starts getting cold I am always looking for indoor activities to do with my daughter that are simple and don't create too big of a mess. I saw this idea to use your child's foot to create a snowman.

White paint
Colored paper
Felt, construction paper, or ribbon

1. Paint the bottom of your child's foot with the white paint and the press onto your colored paper.
2. Sprinkle glitter onto paint while wet. (I waited till after it dried & used glue which worked fine
3. After the paint dries make a hat & scarf out of felt, construction paper or ribbon.
4. Make eyes, nose & buttons with a marker or pen. 

You could put this in a frame or make it into an ornament so that you have a keepsake you can decorate with every year.

Ages: All

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