Wednesday, April 7, 2010

National Library Day

Are you looking for something FREE to do with your children today? Check out your local library. April 9th is National Library day. Libraries, once the cornerstone of every community still provide many wonderful services. We all know that you can checkout books at the library but they are many other benefits of having a library in your area. Services vary from library to library so check with your local branch.

1. Get the latest movie or CD releases. Local libraries now have movies, TV series and children’s programs on DVD for you to checkout at no charge. You no longer have to head to your favorite video store to rent them.
2. Digital materials. In addition to checking out the latest best seller you can now download books on to your Kindle or IPhone.
3. Children and Teen Programs. Not surprisingly, libraries seek to instill core knowledge and promote literacy. They accomplish this by hosting educational and fun events specially tailored for children and teens and their interests.
4. Join a Book Club. The library is not just for children and students. Adults can join book clubs based on topics or genres of interest. This is a great way to make new friends and enjoy intelligent conversation with other adults.
5. Book a meeting room. Most offer rooms for free or a small fee. This is a great place for study groups to meet or hold a small conference.
6. Literacy Programs. Libraries provide tutoring service to help improve adult literacy for English and non English speaking residents.
7. Computer Training. With the rapid growth in technology many citizens (especially seniors) have a hard time keeping up so many libraries provide basic training on using the internet and Microsoft Word programs.
8. Buy books. Libraries host book sales to get rid of old and donated books.

Libraries offer a wide variety of valuable services, activities and events for all ages. They have kept up with societies every changing technology and expanded their role in our communities. They provide safe, free entertainment for all. Be sure to check out your local branch today.

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