Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easy, Inexpensive Mother's Day Craft

This is a fun, easy craft to make for a Mother's Day keepsake. I've done this with my preschool and kindergarten student s.
4x4 or 6x6 white tile (available in home supply stores)
permanent markers
felt square (optional)

Instructions: Clean the white tile with soapy water and let dry. Using permanent markers,draw a picture on the tile. Have them write their name. Write the date on the back. When the markers are dry, spray it lightly with hairspray in a well ventilated area. Add felt squares. This can be used as a trivet. So easy but a great keepsake.
Alternative: Paint child's hand with ceramic paint and place hand firmly in the center of the tile. Let dry and spray lightly with hairspray.
Note: Wipe gently with a damp sponge to clean.

Cost - under 50 cents each

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