Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 3rd- 7th - Teacher Appreciation Week

Take time this week to show how grateful you are to a current or former teacher, yours or your child's. Teachers play a key role in every individual’s development and showing them a little gratitude will also make you feel better. There are many ways to show a teacher that you appreciate all their hard work that won't break the bank.
* Write a thank you note from the heart. As a teacher you receive many gifts. Some you keep and some you don't but I saved every thank you note a parent or a student wrote me.
* Decorate the classroom door with a message telling them how great they are.
* Have parents and students write a note to the teacher tell what they like best about them and hang them on a bulletin board for everyone to read.
* Bring them a cup of coffee, tea, or some other small treat.
* Volunteer to clean the desk, file, sharpening pencils, organize books. The gift of your time is always welcome.
* Bring them lunch from their favorite restaurant or get together with a group of parents and have a potluck for the whole staff. Teacher's rarely get the chance to eat a nice meal during the day so this is a big treat.
* Have your child make a gift. These were always my favorite gifts (besides gift cards to my favorite restaurant).
Just remember, no matter how small or big the gift is, the important thing is that you are sincere in giving appreciation to your teacher.

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