Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day Craft

If you didn't get to Michael's or Lowe's to make a frame for dad here is an idea for a frame you can do at home.
Black Picture Frame
Washers, bolts, small screws (search dad's tool box)
Permanent glue, such as Super Glue
Alternative:  Use paperclips instead of nuts and bolts

Use glue to decorate outside of frame with nuts, washer and screws . Let dry completely. Insert a photo and the glass into the frame. Try to find a photograph that shows you helping Dad with a project.
Tips: Lay the design out before attaching it to the frame.

Coffee Mug
White coffee mug (available at WalMart for $1.00)
Enamel (not acrylic) paints: red and blue (or colors of your choice)
Permanent marker, black
Styrofoam tray or plate

Wash coffee mug. Dry.
Dip child’s thumb into the blue enamel paint. Press firmly on the mug to make a large thumbprint. This is dad. Dip index finger in red paint. Press on cup near the thumbprint. This figure is the child. It should be smaller than the blue figure.
Use a permanent marker to draw features including arms, legs, and hair. Write "daddy" above the figures and "me" below them.
Bake mug in the oven as directed on the back of the enamel paint bottle. You can also air dry, however air drying requires many days as opposed to a few hours in a low temp oven.

*Note: I recommend you handwash GENTLY.

Optional: You could paint on features with black enamel paint instead of using a permanent marker. Also, you could paint on a beer mug or glass instead of a coffee mug.
Remember when doing crafts with children it is not about making a "perfect" product.  It should be about the child creating the gift the way they want.  The above items were created with my 2 year old granddaughters help.
This ideas are not mine originally but I have been doing them so long with my classes I forgot where I first saw them. 

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