Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sandwich on a Stick

My son, a senior (yikes) in high school takes a ham and cheese sandwich to school almost everyday. BORING!  But then again does anyone really have time to create clever lunches and to be honest in high school that would be UNCOOL. 
For you moms out there that like to add a little surprise to your child's lunch that doesn't take a lot of time here is an idea that I saw in Family Fun.  This shouldn't take much time to create and your kids could help put these together the night before. 
lunch meat - 1/2 inch slices from the deli
grape tomatoes


1. Cut up cubes of bread, cheese, and lunch meat.
2. Slide the cubes onto a skewer with other foods your child likes, such as a grape tomato, a piece of lettuce, a pickle, or an olive.
3. Add a small container of mayo, mustard or salad dressing for dipping.

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