Friday, August 6, 2010

Easy Boredom Busters

As we near the last days of summer are you running out of ideas to keep them busy and from hearing those dreaded words "I'M BORED"!
Here is a simple rainy day (or any time) boredom buster for kids of all ages.
Cardstock or heavy paper
Washable Markers ( you know you have picked some up for the kids supply list if not grab some now while they are on sale)
* optional squirt gun or bottle


Draw on card stock with washable markers, then place the papers outdoors in the rain until the colors have run. It only takes a few seconds depending on how hard it is raining.
Bring the paintings back inside and put them on a flat surface to dry.  Now you have a impressionist style piece of art.  This is a good time to share some famous impressionist (Monet, Renoir) art work with you kids.  A little summer learning is always a great thing.

* If it is not raining outside they can use the squirt gun or bottle to spray the painting.

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