Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

I made these melting snowman smores for my granddaughter and her cousins.  They were a huge hit.  With the weather warming up a little a thought these would be a great treat to celebrate the melting snow in your area. 
When I made these I improvised with what I had on hand.
graham crackers
Hershey bars
marshmallow fluff
chocolate chips
fruit roll-ups

Melt a 1/2  cup of the chocolate chips.  Place melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle if you have one ( I just made mine with a toothpick). Squeeze out on to wax paper to make your twig hands.  Let harden.  Place a dap of melted chocolate on the top of a graham cracker square, place a square of hershey bar on top.  Add a spoonful of fluff on top of the chocolate bar.  It will "melt" as it settles.  Top with a marshmallow. 
Now it is time to decorate.  Using a pizza cutter, cut a scarf out of a fruit roll up.  Wrap around the bottom of the marshmallow. Cut a nose out of an orange fruit roll up, add to marshmallow along with chocolate chips for the eyes.  Place the twig hands into the marshmallow fluff.  Enjoy these gooey treats.

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