Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TAX FREE Back to School Shopping Days

Don’t miss out on the Tax Free holiday to buy back to school items. Listed below are the states and dates. Mississippi - yours is this week.

Alabama August 6-8           Connecticut August 15-21
Florida August 13-15             Illinois August 6-15
Iowa August 6-7                    Louisiana Aug 6-7
Maryland August 8-14         Mississippi July 30-31
Missouri August 6-8 (some cities/counties excluded)
New Mexico August 6-8      North Carolina August 6-8
Oklahoma August 6-8         South Carolina August 6-8
Tennessee August 6-8          Texas August 20-22
Virginia August 6-8
If your state is offering Tax Free days and we didn't list it please leave a comment so we can add it.

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