Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tie Dye Coffee Filters

Do you want the fun of tie dye and blending colors but without all the mess?  My kindergarten students loved to experiment with colors and patterns during this activity. Tie dye filters are very inexpensive to make, fun for practically all ages, adaptable to many different holidays and seasons, and are quick and easy to create.
Washable Markers
Coffee Filters
Spray Bottle with water

Protect work area with newspaper. Draw a pattern or squiggly lines on filter with markers. Spray lightly with water. Let stand while color spreads.  Let dry.

Once they are dry you can:
Hang in a window
Wrap small gifts
Decoupage a box, tray, or frame
Cover a glass ornament
Use for paper mache
Make flowers or butterflies by twisting with pipecleaners

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