Thursday, July 8, 2010

Water Games

On a hot summer day water is the best way to bring a smile to a child's face and maybe even a few "grown ups".  Gather the kids, their friends, the neighborhood children, neices and nephews for a water party.  This is a fun, inexpensive way to stay cool and it is sure to be hit with all the kids.

Paint with Water

Supply your child with a clean paint brush and bucket of water. Let them paint the house, sidewalk, driveways, fence etc.   Watch it evaporate. 

Splash Tag
You will need a sponge ball and a bucket of water.
This is played like the classic tag  game. It requires one person to be "IT". "IT" tries to tag running players with a wet sponge ball. Once tagged, that person becomes the new "It".  No cheating in this game ...  the wet mark on their back will  give them away!

Water Relay

You will need two buckets and a sponge ball per team.
 Each team is given a full bucket of water at the starting line. The empty bucket is placed 10 -15 feet from the start line. Vary the distance based on the age of the players.  The goal is for the teams to transfer the water in the full bucket to the empty bucket, using only the sponge ball.  Players take turns relay race style pass the ball to the next player.

Variation: Instead of the sponge ball use a plastic cup with a whole in the bottom to transfer water. 

Over the River
You will need a water hose attached to the water. A  person holds the stream of water very low to the ground and everyone lines up and skips over it. Then the stream gets inch higher, everyone skips over it. If anyone hits the stream, they are out. The last person is the winner.
Variation:  Play limbo with the hose.

Dribble, Dribble, SPLASH
You will need one sponge ball and a bucket of water. This game is played the same way that Duck, Duck, Goose is played only you wring out the sponge on the persons head when you 'splash'. 

If you want to keep things simple turn on the sprinklers.  Who doesn't love to just run around a get wet?

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