Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

These mini cornucopias make great little additions to your holiday table.  You can add them to place cards, place them around the base of a candle, or just set them on a table for a sweet treat. 
Bugle snacks
Runts Fruit shaped Candy or Trix cereal
Vanilla icing

Instructions:  Place a dab of icing inside the Bugle and around the open rim.  Place various "fruit" pieces on the icing, covering as much of the icing as possible.  These should resemble cornucopias.

Alternatives:  You could use peanut butter or cream cheese instead of icing.  Replace the Bugle with a sugar ice cream cone to make a larger version. 

This is a good activity for all ages.  I used to make this with my preschoolers and they were able to accomplish the activity with very little assistance.

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