Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glitter Snowflakes

I was going to make paper snowflakes to decorate the playroom with but when I saw this idea I decided to do this instead. This is so easy kids of all ages (including adults) will have fun with this one. Riley loved dumping the glitter onto the glue.  I find that it works best when you use small, simple designs. You can download a template at Family Fun. Trust me when I say mine have NEVER turned out that pretty.
white glue
white or silver glitter
wax paper or ziploc bag
clear fishing line
Instructions: Draw a simple snowflake design or trace the one your printed onto a piece of wax paper.  Make sure your lines are nice and thick (very important) to ensure that the snowflake won't fall apart. Sprinkle with glitter, covering completely. Shake off excess glitter.  You may need to use a toothpick to touch up design. Let dry - takes at least a day sometimes longer. Gently peel the snowflakes from the paper.  You might find that some of the glue is still wet underneath. If this is the case, simply lie flat and allow to finish drying.

To hang, thread a needle with fishing line and very carefully poke a hole through one of the ends on the snowflake. Tie the ends of the fishing line together and hang up.  These make great window cling as well.

Alternative: Use glitter glue or fabric paint with glitter (be careful not to get it on your clothes).  I have never tried these but I think it might be easier.


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