Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time Capsule

 The beginning of a new year is a a good time recap the past year.  Time capsules are a great way to store those memories.

Empty oatmeal box or coffee can, with lid
Construction or wrapping paper
Clear contact paper
Stickers, crayons, markers, pictures from magazines

Instructions: Cut pieces of paper to fit around the entire oatmeal container, sides and top of the lid. Decorate one side of the rectangular paper, making sure to include the child's name and current year.  Cut a strip of the decorated paper to go around the brim of the lid and glue in place.  Glue the rest of your artwork to the container.   Glue the circular piece to the top of the lid.  Write the date you want to open your time capsule on the lid.
Place items in the capsule like:
Pictures from special events
A list of favorites (together times, foods, books, movies, songs, animals, etc.)
Child's thoughts, dreams and wishes
A special notes or cards
Artwork or school work
Newspaper clippings
Prices of favorite foods
Special toy, clothing item, or collectible

Place the lid on the container.  Then, cut a piece of contact paper to fit around the capsule.  and carefully adhere the contact paper to protect and seal your time capsule.  Store it in a safe place until the special day arrives! Or for a little extra fun bury it in the backyard, just don't forget about it.

From Publix Preschool Pals

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