Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Build-Your-Own Snowman Busy Bag

Recently I have discovered how great busy bags are! Since I work from home and have another baby on the way I have found that a busy bag can keep my 3 1/2 year old occupied when I have things to do. I have made a few and my mom also made a bunch for Riley for Christmas. I will be sharing one busy bag idea a week for the next several weeks that are easy to make, educational and can keep your child occupied for awhile. We have a few rules in our house when it comes to playing with a busy bag. I keep them up in my closet and Riley can only play with them when I say and she has to play with it by herself! Also I pick which busy bag she does that day to make sure she doesn't get tired of a certain one. We do not get them out every day so it is a special treat when we do.

Since it is unseasonably warm where I live we may not see snow this winter. Riley has been dying to build a snowman so this busy bag is the next best thing:

Here is what you'll need:
-Felt in various colors (white, black, orange, blue, red)
-One sheet of blue & white stiff felt (or you could glue the cheap stuff to a piece of cardstock)
-Snowman Template
-Hot glue gun
-Pencil case or gallon-sized baggies to store pieces in
1. Set your scene. Use the stiff blue and white felt to make the scene for your snowman to play. See picture below:

2. Print out template (preferably on card stock) and trace shapes/images into felt. I cut the accessories (scarf, hats, gloves) on several different colors so Riley has lots of choices in decorating her snowman.

3. Use glue gun to glue any pieces together you desire. I added cotton balls to the santa hats. You could also add stripes to hats, gloves, etc.

4. Your busy bag is all ready to use.  I got a cheap three ring binder to store my individual busy bags in.  All you do is punch holes in the scene and use a pencil case that has holes in it already. You can store several busy bags in one binder. It works great!

*Thanks to I Can Teach My Child for this idea!

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