Monday, April 18, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

This weekend I dyed Easter eggs with my daughter. I have seen so many great ideas out there that I will have to try with her when she gets older. Here are some different ideas for dyeing eggs:

1.  Wrap rubber bands around the eggs before dyeing to create a striped design.

2. With crayon personalize your egg with your child's name or a design. Dye your egg and the crayon design will show through. It works best if your make the crayon design while the egg is still warm.

3. Dye you egg normally with a light color. Then add a couple of teaspoons of oil (I used vegetable oil) to a darker egg dye color. Swirl the oil around with a fork. Dip the egg in the dye and you will get a marble-like effect.

4. Take different shaped stickers like stars or circles and stick them on your egg before dyeing. Dye egg normally and once the egg has dried remove stickers.

I have yet to try the blown-out egg technique. It scares me:) Has anyone tried it before?

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