Friday, April 8, 2011

Hosting an Extraordinary Egg Hunt

Easter Bunny Best Easter Egg Hunt
If it is your turn to host the traditional Easter Egg Hunt here are some tips for making it extraordinary:
1. Have everyone brings one dozen filled plastic egg per child.
2. Buy some themed or shaped eggs based on the ages of the children.
3. Fill with super fun things. If it is HOT do not put chocolate in the eggs.
4. Write children’s names on some of the eggs (to be sure each child finds a few eggs.
5. Hide eggs depending on child’s abilities.  Hide some easy and low for young children and high and challenging for the older children!  Give the younger kids a minute or two head start.
6. Hide egss in creative and unusual places.
7. Let the kids decorate some hard bolied eggs while some adults are hiding the eggs.
8. Make sure you know how many eggs you hide so you can be sure you find them all.
9. Send everyone happy.  Have a few extra eggs or prizes for those may not be great hunters.
10. Be sure to include the whole family in the festivities.
11. Have some extra baskets on hand in case someone forgets to bring one.

Picture from Volunteer Spot

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