Monday, April 25, 2011

Plastic Easter Eggs

Now that Easter is over what do you do with all those plastic eggs? Believe it or not you can keep your kids entertained for hours with these creative ideas:
Spoon Race: See how far or how long your child can walk with a plastic egg on a spoon without dropping it.
Planter: Fill egg with soil and plant a couple of bean seeds or grass.
Egg Toss: Toss plastic eggs back and forth with a friend, getting further apart after each toss until it drops.
Surprise Egg: Put a small object inside an egg and give your child clues.  Let the guess what is inside.
Count and Deliver: Set out baskets or boxes with numbers attached to the front (or draw different amounts of eggs on an index card for each basket). Have your child count and deliver the correct number of Easter eggs to each basket.
Sound Match: Fill pairs of eggs with matching objects. Tape them closed and have your child shake each egg and find the matches.
Egg Push: Mark a finish line on the floor with masking tape, or outside with chalk.  Push the plastic egg with your nose and see which one crosses the finish line first.
Upper/lower case alphabet match: With a permanent marker, write upper case letters on one half of the egg and lower case letters on the bottom half.  Place them in a basket and have them match the letters up.
Sort and Graph: Sort a basket of plastic eggs by color. Older preschoolers will be able to color in a simple bar graph showing how many eggs there are for each color.
Treasure Hunt: Set up a treasure hunt with clues inside eggs hidden around the house or outside. Fill the last Easter egg with some candy or toy treasure!

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