Thursday, April 7, 2011


As a teacher, my class used to create rainsticks when we learned about South American countires.  They are used as musical instruments and in ceremonial rituals. The kids had lots of fun making them and experimenting with various sounds.  With all the April showers we are having i thought this would be a fun project for the kiddos to do while they are stuck indoors.

wrapping paper tube
scrap paper or fabric scraps
paint or markers
straight pins or 1"nails
rice, dried beans, macaroni...

Instructions:  Place a nail or pin 1/2 inch apart along the seam of the cardboard tube, making sure the nail does not pierce the other side of the cardboard tube. Place a tape over the nails or pins to hold in place. Cover one end of the opening with paper or tape (the item inside may stick but you will be able to see it flow through the tube).  Fill the rainstick with one cup of rice, beans or your desired item (experiment to get the sound you like). Seal the other end with paper or tape. Decorate your stick, as desired, with paint, scrap paper or fabric, stickers or markers. Tilt tube back in forth to hear the "rain".

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  1. Riley, you sure look like you are having fun!!