Friday, March 4, 2011

Craft of the Week


These adorable jumping cups featured on bookhoucraftprojects can be made with items you already have around your house.  I can guarantee your kids will have an endless amount of fun with these. 

2 Solo cups (paper or plastic will both work)
2 rubber bands
different colors of paper scraps
double-sided tape
clear tape

Use different scraps of paper, and cut out the shapes that you will need to decorate your cup how you would like.  Cut both rubber bands in half. Tie a knot on each end of both rubber bands.  Then cut four small slits directly across from each other into the rim of one cup (do not cut both cups.) Next, stretch the rubber bands across the rim of the cup and slide each end into one of the slits. The knots will hold the rubber bands in place.
Use double-sided tape to attach your decorations to your cup.  Use two pieces of clear tape to make two small tabs on opposite sides of the cup. You will hold these tabs to launch your cup. You are ready to go. Place the plain cup on the ground. Put the rocket cup over it and pull down on the tabs. Then let go to see your cup will fly. 
Check out the post for complete details and pictures.
Note: Be sure to supervise your child.

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