Saturday, March 19, 2011

Magazine Mosaic

If you are like me you have lots of magazines laying around that you haven't gotten a chance to read. Why not put those magazines to good use with this Magazine Mosaic craft you can do with your kids or if they are old enough they can do on their own. This will keep them busy for awhile!

  • Paper plate
  • Magazine pages
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Water
  • Small brush
1. Sketch a design on the back of a paper plate.
 2. Tear out magazine pages printed with shades of the colors you'd like to use. Cut strips of the pages into small squares. If your child is under 3 bigger squares would be easier for them to handle. The shapes don't have to be perfect -- a little variety is what makes a mosaic interesting. You'll also need a few triangles to fit in corners.
 3. Mix together equal parts white glue and water. To fill in the design, brush a bit of glue mixture on the plate, put the squares in place, and seal each with a top coat of the glue mixture. When you are finished, let the project dry completely.
 4. Once your mosaic is finished you can punch a whole at the top and tie string through it to hang up in a window.

*Idea & pictures from Family Fun

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